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CytoTools Highlights

CytoTools AG (DE000A0KFRJ1/T5O) is a German biotechnology company that develops highly effective therapeutics from research on the regulation of programmed cell death. Based on many years of basic research CytoTools has built a solid pipeline of patent protected product candidates in the fields of dermatology, urology, cardiology and oncology. The most advanced and the main product, DermaPro®, is a fast and effective treatment of wounds of all kinds, which enables the closure of wounds that are difficult to heal such as the diabetic foot. The management team of CytoTools has many years of experience in research, the pharmaceutical industry and finance.

Huge market potential of the products

  • The main product DermaPro®, which is used for rapid and effective wound treatment, showed high efficacy in clinical trials and has already received market approval in India in March 2017. A Phase III study in Europe has already been completed but must be repeated.
  • Other promising drug candidates in the areas of cardiology and oncology are in CytoTools’ portfolio.

Highly qualified management team

  • The directors are founders, researchers and partners. In addition, the directors continue to work closely with an active supervisory board experienced in the areas of pharmaceuticals, patent law and finance.

Solid shareholder structure

  • A solid shareholder structure with several strong investor groups the company offers a good base for the company’s business model.

Lean structures

  • Streamlined structures through the focus on research and development as well as an outsourced production and clinical research (CRO) allow the company to act flexibly.
  • CytoTools’ holding company structure offers a high transparency of the use of funds. Even granting a license or a complete sale of an individual product is easy possible within this structure.

Company short portrait

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