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Utisept® is a urological medical device for flushing the bladder in urinary tract infections. It consists of an applicator that is used in combination with the Utisept ® disinfecting rinsing solution to quickly and effectively reduce a high initial bacterial load in the infected bladder (cystitis). First in man studies have shown that the Utisept® solution is extremely well tolerated and that it has a proven antibiotic efficacy in treating bladder infections.  A market authorization may be achieved with an additional clinical study.

For licensing opportunities and further information, please contact the Business Development team: kontakt@cytotools.de

DermaPro® Pep04

DermaPro® Pep04 is a peptide-based active substance for the treatment of burns and large-area wounds. In the case of these wounds a defect in connective tissue growth exists. Connective tissue cells, called fibroblasts, die faster than they can grow back; turning the wound healing into a very lengthy process. DermaPro® Pep04 intervenes in this process and protects the connective tissue cells from cell death. This significantly accelerates the healing of burn wounds.

HMW 02Ap / HMW 02Ak

HMW 02Ap / HMW 02Ak are currently in preclinical development, primarily for the treatment of restenosis and carotid stenosis (occlusion of blood vessels). In both conditions, patients are hospitalized, so that an intravenous administration of a high molecular weight substance is easily implemented. The drug protects the cells that line the blood vessel, such that a re-closure of the blood vessel can be prevented after the stenosis has been treated.

LMW 0x

HMW 0x is a further development of the drugs HMW02Ap / HMW 02Ak. It is characterized by better bioavailability and can be taken orally. This low molecular weight substance is to be used for the treatment of arteriosclerosis.

HMW 02Ac

HMW 02Ac is developed in parallel to the active ingredients of the HMW series and should act as a powerful diagnostic system to detect a nearly onset of arteriosclerotic changes. This way the treatment of arteriosclerosis can start earlier than with current diagnostic means.